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How to Create a Cricut Mug Gift Box

A Cricut Mug is the perfect gift for any celebration or holiday. A great way to present a mug is to create a Cricut Mug Gift Box.

Supplies Needed

Cricut Maker 3 or Cricut Explore 3

StandardGrip Machine Mat - 12 in x 12 in

Scoring Stylus

Fine Point Blade


Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Cardstock or Glitter Cardstock

Step 1

Load the Scoring Stylus into Clamp A and the Fine Point Blade into Clamp B. Add the glitter cardstock to the StandardGrip Mat and use a Brayer to ensure the cardstock is completely attached to the mat.

Step 2

Open Cricut Design Space and select the image, Box Mug Holder #M1899C110. The Cricut Maker will use the scoring stylus first to create the scoring lines, then it will cut with the fine point blade. After both pieces have been cut, remove carefully by peeling the cardstock away from the mat so the cardstock does not curl.

Step 3

After you’ve carefully removed your cardstock pieces from the mat, fold along the score lines inward so all of the flaps or pointing inward towards the box. Add hot glue along the flaps and assemble the box.

Step 4

After your box is assembled carefully place your mug inside. This mug box can fit mugs up to 12 oz. The cups shown are 10 oz stackable mugs that were created with a cricut mug press, influsible ink, and the design can be found here. If you want to decorate your mug box you can use iron-on material or vinyl to make it as festive as you please.


john lukas
john lukas
Mar 23


The Cricut machine is a computer-oriented crafting tool that works with user-friendly Cricut Design Space software. It is available in different models, ranging from the compact Cricut Joy to the larger Cricut Venture, the ultimate Cricut Maker, and the smart Explore. Each Cricut cutting machine can connect to a device via USB or Bluetooth, and a setup process is required before use. Once you've installed Cricut Design Space from, you can start making with your Cricut machine.


Benjamin Clay
Benjamin Clay
Mar 14

The Cricut is a die-cutting machine for creating crafts of all sorts. Go to and check out the materials you can cut with your Cricut machine. For such a big investment, you cannot afford to lose your way while setting up Cricut. And that is why we have gathered the steps for you. From setting up the machine.


Alvish royal
Alvish royal
Mar 10

Cricut is among the most prominent names in the world of DIY crafting. It provides various crafting machines and supplies to provide crafters with a complete arsenal to create jaw-dropping crafts. Also, it has various companion apps to set up and operate the machine using your computer or smartphone. In addition, if you are planning to use the Cricut machine or app, it is necessary to have an account. With the help of the Cricut account, you can sync the Cricut app on various platforms for your crafting convenience. You can easily create a Cricut account; you can simply visit the login website on a web browser.

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