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The Benefits of Using Puppets

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Puppets can be used to:

Discuss sensitive topics (abuse, racism, etc.)

- Puppets can be used to act out difficult scenarios followed by a discussion that supports understanding of sensitive topics.

Encourage imagination and creativity

- Children can create stories with puppets. Children can also retell books with puppets which supports comprehension.

Improve communication and language

- Using puppets to model greetings and conversations to support language development. The puppet can also model etiquette and manners.

Support eye-hand coordination

- Controlling and manipulating puppets allows children to improve in eye-hand coordination and gross motor skills

Social and emotional development

- Children can use puppets to express their feelings through the puppet. They can also use puppets to socialize with their peers which supports social development.

Here are multi-cultural puppets that I will be using in my Pre-K classroom to teach equality.

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