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Build a CVC Word - 50 Kindergarten Task Cards


Perfect to use as a Kindergarten Small Group Activity or Literacy Center!


Includes 50 task cards with images - 10 cards for each vowel: a,e,i,o,u


Recommendation: Print and laminate cards for durability. Prepare the letters needed in advance by using the word list provided.



First model how to use this activity to your scholar(s). Start with a card and show that they should

say what the image is, be sure you explain that it will be a three-letter word and it will have the conosonant-vowel-consonant pattern.


Break down each phoneme using your fingers. For example if the word is 'dog' you would say:

/d/ : show thumb

/o/ : show pointer finger

/g/ : show middle finger


Three fingers should be up, and you should close your fist when saying the word /dog/.


Word List

a: jam, bag, nap, bat, gap, mad, cab, sad, van, dad

Letters needed: a b c d g j m n p s t v


e: red, bed, vet, ten, pen, net, web, hen, leg, wet

Letters needed: b d e g h l n p r t v w


i: pin, wig, kit, bib, dig, kid, rib, lip, pit, fin

Letters needed: b d f g i k l n p r t w


o: pot, dot, cop, lot, mop, top, log, fog, hot, dog

Letters needed: c d f g h l m o p t


u: bug, bus, tub, sun, mud, gum, mug, run, cub, cut

Letters needed: b u g s t m r n c d


This activity supports foundational reading skills including:

- Decoding consonant-vowel-consonant pattern words with all short vowel sounds: a,e,i,o,u

- Producing single-syllable words by blending sounds.

- Phonemic Awareness Skills including isolating and pronouncing initial, medial vowel, and

final sounds in regularly spelled one-syllable words.

Build a CVC Word - 50 Task Cards

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