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Practice Early Phonics Skills with CVC words and photo matching cards!

Simply print and use for small group, whole group, or individual literacy instruction.

*optional: laminate for durability



Model how to use this activity to your scholars. Start with a card and show that they should touch each dot while clearly saying the sound the letter makes. After saying the sound aloud, go to the arrow and say the word while sliding your finger across the arrow. After saying the word, find the matching photo to match. Photo cards should be spread out so all of the cards can be seen.

Scholars sound out CVC pattern words then blend phonemes to say the word. After scholars read the word, they find the corresponding photo card to match.


This activity supports foundational reading skills including:

- Decoding consonant-vowel-consonant pattern words with all short vowel sounds: a,e,i,o,u

- Producing single-syllable words by blending sounds.

- Phonemic Awareness Skills including isolating and pronouncing initial, medial vowel, and

final sounds in regularly spelled one-syllable words.


Extend scholars thinking by asking the following:

What sound do you hear in the beginning/middle/end of the word?

Point to a dot and ask: What sound does this dot make?

What is the letter that makes that sound?

Which letters are the consonants in the word?

Which letter is the vowel in the word?


Word Lists

short a: bag - bat - can - cat - fan - ham - hat - jam - mat - rat

short e: bed - jet - hen - men - net - pen - red - ten - web - wet

short i: bib - dig - fin - hit - lid - lip - pig - pin - six - zip

short o: box - cot - dog - fox - hot - log - mop - pop - pot - top

short u: bun - bus - cup - cut - gum - mug - sun - jug - rug - tub

CVC Phonics Words & Photo Matching Cards

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